VRAIKO DOT Smart Cupping Massager, Electric Cupping Massager with 4-Level Vacuum & Heat & Red-Light & 2000mAh Battery, for Cellulite Massage, Muscle Recovery and Lymphatic Drainage

4-level Suction & Effective Myofascial Release: The DOT smart cupper uses a blend of pressure and suction to help promote healing and relaxation. With a suction of 4 different levels it allows you to customize the strength, low intensity enables you to move the cupper along your body and do a dynamic cupping therapy, while the high intensity gives more aids in effective trigger point or myofascial release, help relieve muscle tensions, enhance circulation and mobility.

4-level Heat & Red Light Cupping Technology: DOT features not only an adjustable temperature between 40~49°C, but also a 8-set of spot red-light which provides a good aid in muscle pain, inflammation, boosting the effectiveness of healing as well as bringing more relaxation. You can adjust the temperature by levels (0(no heat)~4), for those who prefer and can tolerate higher temperature, you can set a higher heat level to further activate muscles and tissues.

Natural Material & Pressure Releasing Function: Not only being a cupping massager, this device can be used as a gua sha tool as well. Owing to the 100% natural Bianstone massage head/stone needle, you can do a gua sha therapy & body spa on arms, legs, back and shoulders. It also features a pressure-releasing function, hold the “Vacuum button” longer to release the pressure and take the device off easily and safely.

Compact Device & Big Power: The name “DOT” illustrates the compactness and portability. With a size of 82x80x55 mm and a light weight of 220 grams, it can be easily carried around and be used for an instant after-exercise recovery. With a high-capacity battery of 2000mAh, the device can be used for many days after a full charge.

Accessories & Warranty: It comes with an USB-C charging cable, easy-to-read user manual, 10 replaceable cotton filters and our worry-free 12-month warranty. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service team.


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